Friday, May 20, 2011

Botany Game/Botanikspiel

Shanleya's Quest: A Botany Adventure for Kids Ages 9-99Charlotte, Miriam, and Veronika played the botany game Shanleya's Quest Card Game, which deepens the concepts learned in Shanleya's Quest: A Botany Adventure for Kids. 

Charlotte, Miriam und Veronika haben heute das Botanikkartenspiel Shanleya's Quest gespielt.  Es vertieft die Konzepte des gleichnamigen Buches.   

Drama II

I had to change the size of the video, which affected the quality.  Ich mußte die Größe des Videos verändern, was leider die Qualität beeinträchtigt hat. 


  1. hello eva, i don't think i properly sent through the last message i wrote. i'll write again. i apologize in advance if you get two messages!

    first, i love jonathan and charlotte's dramatization, and charlotte's ending bow is so elegant :)

    about the movies: when i export a movie file i do so from iphoto. i just click under "file" and "save for web." it automatically puts it into a proper size for uploading to the blog. i've also always assumed that the low movie quality is due to the low quality of the feature on my camera. sorry i don't know more about it to give you some hints!

  2. Wie schön Jonathans und Charlottes Stimme zu hören. E und T hat es auch sehr gefallen.
    Woher habt ihr all diese schönen Spiele, aus der Bibliothek/Ludothek? Wie schön.

  3. Hello Dorina, I only got this one comment from you:) Thanks for your kind words. I had one other video where Charlotte was reading more, but I couldn't upload it. So your information about iphoto was interesting. My camera software program saves the movies on the desktop and then I upload them from there. I don't think I can directly upload them through my program onto blogger. I've never had a problem with uploading a video before, but recently it hasn't been working anymore. I searched the help pages from blogger and someone mentioned that blogger doesn't support videos that are larger than 100 MB. So I changed the size of one of my videos, but that changed the quality also. I have to check out iphoto!

  4. Hallo C.!

    Es stimmt schon, Stimmen bringen Menschen einem viel näher. Wir haben Eure Stimmen ja auch schon gehört:)

    Diese Spiele haben wir alle gekauft oder geschenkt bekommen. In der Bücherei gibt es keine Spiele.


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