Wednesday, August 21, 2013

South Shore Line

Our American train ride took us to South Bend, where Jonathan and Charlotte have been born.  Peter drove the car because once you have arrived in South Bend at the airport, you need a car to get around in the city.  So here I was again, taking a train with my five children, but this time in the U.S. and not from Switzerland to the north of Germany.  The trains are fairly old and this was was quite full.  Nevertheless, the children all enjoyed the ride.

Unsere amerikanische Zugreise hat uns nach South Bend gebracht, wo Jonathan und Charlotte geboren worden sind.  Peter ist mit dem Auto gefahren, da die Haltestelle in South Bend am Flughafen ist und man ohne Auto von dort nicht wirklich wegkommt.  So bin ich mal wieder mit meinen fünf Schätzen Zug gefahren, dieses Mal aber nicht von der Schweiz nach Norddeutschland.  Die Züge sind ziemlich alt und dieser war auch recht voll.  Trotzdem hat allen die Reise gefallen.  

 Final stop
Once in South Bend, we drove through the downtown area to our alma mater, Notre Dame.  I know I have mentioned this before here on my blog, but Peter and I met at Notre Dame and like to go back to have a look at the campus.

In South Bend angekommen sind wir durch die Innenstadt bis zu unserer ehemaligen Universität, nämlich der University of Notre Dame, gefahren.  Ich habe das hier auf dem Blog schon mal erwähnt, Peter und ich sind hier zur Uni gegangen und haben hier auch standesamtlich (d.h.alt-lutheranisch) geheiratet.  Wir kehren immer gerne zurück, um zu sehen, was sich alles verändert hat.  

History of the founding of the university
Geschichte der Gründung der Universität.  

Lunch at the Hammes Bookstore
 Mittagessen beim Unibuchladen

 Inside the bookstore
Im Buchladen

 The main building: Mary (Notre Dame) is on top of the golden dome.
Das Hauptgebäude: Maria (Unsere Liebe Frau, d.h. Notre Dame) ist oben auf der goldenen Kuppel.

 Basilica: Inside
Basilika: Innenansicht

Part of the tabernacle, isn't it beautiful?
Teil des Tabernakels, ist das nicht wunderschön?

 The girls said I had to take a picture of the painting, it's actually not in the church anymore, but on the way from the basilica to Holy Cross Hall.
Die Mädchen wollten unbedingt, daß ich dieses Gemälde fotografiere.  Es hängt nicht mehr in der Kirche, sondern in dem Übergang zwischen Kirche und dem Haus Holy Cross Hall.

Lourdes Grotto: When Jonathan was a toddler, I would always come here and light a candle with him.  He would point at Mary and Bernadette and ask me who they were.  
Lourdes Grotte: Als Jonathan ein Kleinkind war, haben wir hier immer zusammen eine Kerze angezündet.  Dann hat er immer auf Maria und Bernadette gezeigt und gefragt, wer sie seien.  

Next to the grotto is St. Mary's Lake with many ducks.  We always feed the ducks when we are here.  This is also the lake Peter and I got engaged at.  
Nahe bei der Grotte ist der Mariensee mit vielen Enten.  Wir füttern immer die Enten dort, wenn wir da sind.  An diesem See haben Peter und ich uns auch verlobt.  

 Look, there are some ducks.
Schaut, dort sind einige Enten.

 Quack, quack, there is some food!
Quack, quack, es gibt was zu Fressen!

Now I still have to let you know what I bought at the bookstore: 


  1. Wunderschöne Basilika, und der Tabernakel - was für Farben!
    Das war ja eine nette Reise, mit vielen Erinnerungen verbunden.

  2. Ja, der Tabernakel hat fast so Farben wie in der islamischen Kunst benutzt werden. Der Campus (das Collegegelände von Notre Dame) ist wunderschön, man kann lange dort spazierengehen.

  3. Lovely pictures and lovely memories. Dave and I were engaged in a hospital ward! Good job I did not see that as an omen of things to come!!

    1. How on earth did you end up doing it there? That is rather unusual.

  4. Your travels are so beautiful! What a blessing to be able to share these places of where you were engaged and married with your children! I also loved seeing Notre Dame. I had no idea how big and beautiful it is. I have a special place in my heart for Notre Dame since our parish has Holy Cross priests. They are wonderful priests! Full of passion for Mass and the Eucharist. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Barbara. Notre Dame has a gorgeous campus and the Holy Cross priests are very special men. The church we went to after we got married was also staffed by Holy Cross. Jonathan and Charlotte were baptized by Holy Cross priests. That was nearby, in Granger, IN. Hope you get to visit some time.

  5. I was sick with acute abdominal pain and awaiting all sorts of tests and once Dave gets something into his head that's it! He's a bit of a joker and actually asked me would like a mint, it just happened to be placed in a ring case! He eventually offered the ring.
    That's nothing, one year he hid a book in a microwave box and weighted it down with a couple of bricks, it's a miracle he's still alive to tell the tale on that one!! I really did think he'd bought a microwave, good job I love him.

    1. What funny and special memories! He truly is a joker with a heart.

  6. We actually have the Holy Cross Novitiate nearby-- in an old mansion in a mountain pass, it's called Marigreen Pines. We just met the new class of novices at our church picnic. Each year they are a great group of young men. Last year, two of the novices sang in our choir and we were blessed with Gregorian chant for communion meditation! One of our daughters was baptized by a Holy Cross priest, too. Did you know their founder is a blessed?

    1. That's so encouraging that there are young men who still want to become priests. Even one or your daughters was baptized by a Holy Cross priest, what a coincidence! Yes, I did know that he is blessed. The Basilica of Notre Dame has a statue of him with a relic. You can see a picture in this brochure.

  7. I agree, it's very encouraging! I forgot to mention that the new class of novitiate has thirteen young men in it. Thirteen! What a blessing!


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