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American Trains: 1830-1930/Amerikanische Züge: 1830-1930

Learning about American trains:
Was wir über amerikanische Züge gelernt haben: 

Dampflokomotiven: 1830-1930

Building the Railroad
Bau der Eisenbahn

 Die beiden Schienenstränge vom Westen und Osten treffen sich am 10. Mai 1869 in Utah.  Die erste transkontinentale Eisenbahnstrecke ist fertiggestellt.  

Meeting of the Central and Union Pacific on May 10, 1869 in Utah.
Treffen der Central und Union Pacific Züge am 10. Mai 1869 in Utah.

Changing Landscape
Die Landschaft wandelt sich.

Civil War

 Bürgerkrieg in Tennessee

 Bewaffnete Züge

 Fighting soldiers
Kämpfende Soldaten

Lincoln's Funeral Train
Lincolns Beerdigungszug

Abraham Lincolns Beerdingungswaggon

A Changing Land: Great Plains
Wandel im Land: Great Plains (Große Ebenen)

 Immigrants are changing the landscape and are displacing the Native Americans.  
Einwanderer verändern die Landschaft und verdrängen die Indianer.  

Prairie Indians

Small Town Life
Leben in der Kleinstadt

There even is some German beer thanks to the new trains!
Es gibt sogar deutsches Bier dank der neuen Züge!

City Centers

 Cities are rapidly growing.
Städte wachsen schnell.  

Fire danger in the large cities
Brandgefahr in den großen Städten 


Trains make it easy to transport logs.
Mittels der neuen Züge können Baumstämme einfach transportiert werden.

Limestone Quarry

Indiana limestone is transported by train.
Kalkstein aus Indiana wird mit dem Zug durchs Land transportiert. 

Coal Mine

Entstehung der Kohle

 Houses of the miners
Häuser der Bergarbeiter

Water reservoir for the steam engines
Wassertank für die Dampflokomotiven

We did ride on a real train, but I'll save that post for later.  To learn more about the trains above, take a look here.  
Wir sind auch mit einem echten Zug gefahren, doch davon später.  


  1. Thank you for sharing. I know where I want to go if I am ever in Tennessee with my family. :)

    1. You are welcome, the trains are in Indiana, though :). This is a great nature park with much more to discover.

  2. This looks like a great history! Thank you. We love trains, too! If you're ever in Colorado, check out the narrow guage trains-- they are exciting to ride and there's some gorgeous scenery! Take care, Barbara

    1. Yes this is a neat idea, to look at American history by studying the development of trains. Thanks for the tip about Colorado, I've never been there, but who knows, maybe someday. My stylist's son lives there. She always has some story to tell me about Boulder. She is particularly impressed about how healthy people seem to be.

  3. Boulder is known for its healthy shops and markets along with being very environmentally conscious. However, in generall of Colorado is easy to get out and exercise in nature--with hiking and the mountains so accessible.

    1. My husband once went there, but I have seen only pictures. It must be very beautiful.


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