Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spider: Mother and Babies/Spinne: Mutter und Babys

We found a spider mommy and lots of baby spiders today.  Unfortunately, my camera couldn't get close enough, but if you look carefully you can see the babies.

Wir haben heute eine Spinnenmama mit vielen Spinnenbabys gefunden.  Leider wollte mein Fotoapparat nicht so nah herangehen.  Wenn man aber genau hinsieht, kann man auch die Babys sehen.  

Spider Mommy/Spinnenmama

The dark ball is made up of the babies.  Das dunkle Knäul sind die Babys.  

I also found some more butterfly pictures on my camera.  Jonathan must have taken more than I had realized.  So here are some butterflies (and other animals) from the butterfly house.

Ich habe auch noch einige Schmetterlingsfotos auf meinem Fotoapparat gefunden. Jonathan muß doch mehr gemacht haben, als ich erst gedacht hatte.  Hier sind also noch einige Schmetterlinge (und noch einige andere Tiere) vom Schmetterlingshaus.  

African hedgehog/Afrikanischer Igel

Oh, and Charlotte sang her first solo today.  She was leading the responsorial psalm and the alleluia in church today!  She did so well and everybody commented on how beautiful it sounded.  So I guess I'm proud of her!

Oh, und Charlotte hat heute ihr erstes Solo gesungen.  Sie hat den Zwischengesang angeführt und das Alleluia in der Kirche gesungen.  Sie hat ihre Sache gut gemacht und alle haben gesagt, es hätte wunderschön geklungen.  Ich bin also ganz stolz auf sie!


  1. I won't be showing Pip the spiders, they are the one thing that she doesn't like, in fact she woke at 5:30am this morning crying and telling me that a big spider had been chasing her! It is now 10:00am and she is fast asleep in the chair!

    Jonathan's pictures are very good and well done to Charlotte for her solo in church.

    San xx

    1. You know, I don't like spiders either and these big fat black ones we get indoors in the fall every year always scare me to death, especially when I find them in places where I don't expect them. However, when I see them outside, I do like to watch them and find them very fascinating. Maybe if you showed her how beautiful a spider's web is, she might change her mind? (At least outside :))

  2. Ah, it's a nursery web spider! We had those when we lived in Indiana-- aren't they the most interesting things?! And what beautiful birds and butterflies, too.

    1. Thanks, Sara, yes they are very interesting. I don't know if it's the same kind, but we also get those spiders that carry their baby spiders on their backs. That's kind of funny to watch.


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