Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quarterly Reports/Zeugnisse

Our third quarterly reports are due for all the children tomorrow.  We also have to choose what kind of annual evaluation we want to do.  We have decided to do a written evaluation for Miriam, the PASS test for Charlotte, and the CAT test for Jonathan.

Morgen müssen die dritten Zeugnisse für dieses Schuljahr abgegeben werden.  Wir müssen auch entscheiden, wie wir die Kinder am Ende des Schuljahres bewerten wollen.  Miriam wird eine schriftliche Bewertung bekommen, Charlotte wird den PASS Test machen und Jonathan den CAT Test. 



  1. We have to do annual testing only, and use the CAT. It's fast and easy. Some of the vocabulary choices were weird for sixth grade. I wish I could remember a few of them, but they seemed odd.

  2. We have a choice here between testing and reporting up to grade 5 or 6. Then we have to test every other year until grade 9 when you have to start testing annually. I like the PASS test for the lower grades because it is untimed and the results are more helpful than the CAT results. It also tests the students according to individual levels (you take a placement test before the real test).


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