Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Papa's Day/Ein Tag im Leben des Vaters

Well, Eva is sick today and went to bed early, so she can't do any blogging this evening.  This presents a rare opportunity: you get to hear about my far more interesting day instead.  Ahem.  I spent the morning teaching honors students about the Melian Dialogue and Pericles' Funeral Oration, both from Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War.  Then I sat in on a colleague's teaching them several books out of Homer's Iliad.  Exciting stuff.  Afterwards I returned to my office and took care of some correspondence with a colleague elsewhere who's also working on Jeremias Gotthelf, a current research interest.  After coming home for a fine lunch cooked by my dear wife in spite of her illness, I returned to campus and held office hours.  Fortunately, only a couple of students actually came by, needing signatures for various forms, so I could work on other things.  So I re-read Francis Fukuyama's well-known essay on "The End of History?," preparing study questions for the honors students, with whom I'll discuss it later this week.  Had a phone call from a colleague to talk about an essay we've been co-authoring about Christian views on immigration policy and the dangers of incautious denominational policy statements.  Finished off by reading some constitutional law for class tomorrow.  Came home to discover that Eva was feeling worse, so I got to do the dishes and have now been trying to finish reading the constitutional law with Flora on my lap, whose time in bed early this evening was apparently only a short nap after all.  Was hoping to do some reading in a book on German immigration policy that I'm supposed to review, but I may just have to go to bed myself.

As you see, I don't do photos.

There, now--wasn't that fascinating?  You probably wish I would take over the blog every evening.  I won't, though.


Das soll ich jetzt alles auf Deutsch schreiben? Pfui Tüfel! Wie Flora vielleicht sagen würde: Nein, nein, nicht tun. Na ja, die kurze Fassung: Eva ist krank und liegt schon im Bett, deshalb sollte ich mal über meinen eigenen höchstinteressanten Tag bloggen (bloggieren??). Auf Deutsch dauert das aber viel zu lang. Ich habe über Thukydides unterrichtet, mich mit Kollegen über Jeremias Gotthelf und Immigration unterhalten, und Seminare in Politik und Verfassungsrecht vorbereitet. Und dann habe ich heute Abend abgewaschen und mich um Flora gekümmert.

Hoffentlich kann Eva morgen das Blog wieder übernehmen! Dann gibt es vielleicht wieder Fotos.


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  1. ...vor allem, hoffentlich ist Eva bald wieder gesund! Gute und schnelle Besserung!
    Unser halbes Dorf ist derzeit in Quarantäne, überall Grippe oder Erkältungskrankheiten, wie halt immer um dieser Jahreszeit. Man drückt die Daumen, dass es einen nicht trifft, oder zumindest nicht zu arg, und trinkt weiterhin viel Kräutertee...

  2. Up until now I thought I was fairly well read... I have to say all of that went completely over my head!!

    Maybe Flora thought it would be fun to help Daddy with his work for a change!

    Please would you be so kind as to give Eva a big hug from me and the hope of her feeling much improved very soon.

    As for blogging, don't give up the day job!!

    My very best to you all
    San x

  3. Your day is as full and varied as Eva's! Prayers for Eva's quick recovery.

  4. Danke Peter für die Nachrichten und bitte richte Eva liebe Grüsse und gute Besserung aus!
    Flora sagt "Tüfel" nicht "Teufel", das ist ja interessant, steckt da ein bisschen Schwyzerdüütsch in ihr?
    liebe Grüsse von C aus dem Jeremias-Gotthelf-Land

  5. Hey Peter,
    in Lund I read some essays of Fukuyama as well!!!

  6. Danke, Sybille, bei uns gibt es Lindenblütentee, Holundertee, Huflattichtee, Thymiantee, u.a.


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