Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I never finished my post on Dana Point from two Sundays ago.  Dana Point is at the ocean and we went there right after Capistrano.

Ich habe immer noch nicht meinen Bericht über Dana Point abgeschlossen.  Dana Point liegt direkt am Meer, und wir sind dort nach dem Missionsbesuch in Capistrano gewesen.  

 Dana Point: Ocean Institute

 Hier fallen die Steine!

 Saying a short prayer in Capistrano before driving back home.
Noch ein kurzes Gebet in Capistrano bevor es wieder nach Hause geht. 

I called this post water because there are not just pretty beaches here.  Water has been in the news all over lately.  California is experiencing a horrible drought, here is a short video.

Ich habe diesen Eintrag "Wasser" genannt, weil es nicht nur schöne Küsten hier gibt, sondern auch Probleme mit dem Wasser.  Kalifornien erlebt nun schon seit mehreren Jahren eine schreckliche Dürre.  Hier ist ein Video mit eindrücklichen Bildern.  


  1. Ah, I was wondering how you were dealing with the drought . . I've been reading about it in the Times too. It is a big concern. Have you had the predicted rainstorm yet?

    Your pictures are so beautiful of the Pacific! I could watch waves crashing over the rocks all day! Each wave is more beautiful than the one before! You could take a million pictures! And the colors of the sunset just enhance it :)

    1. When I have to do dishes and the water is not hot immediately, I collect the cool water to water plants outside. We also keep telling the children about saving water. My grandmother always told me that drought would be one of earth's most pressing problems. She also showed me how to save water. So for me this is not too difficult to do, I have done it all my life, but the rich people around here will really have to change. There have been studies that poor people do not waste water. The rainstorm did not amount to much. It rained in the evening, but in the morning you could hardly tell that it had rained.

      You are so right about the pictures and each being different. The Sunday we went had high waves in the forecast and swimming was highly discouraged. We did not see anybody in the water. But it was enchanting to watch the waves.


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