Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Artisans Weekend/Kunsthandwerk Wochenende

The break was too short, but I did manage to get out all the children's fall clothes and put the summer clothes away.  Just in time because it has gotten cold and rainy.  It looks like November (come to think of it, November is not that far off anymore anyway).  We also went to a few artisans' homes during county artisans weekend.  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about painting, pottery, knitting, etc., see the artisans at their work, and chat with them.  Here are few pictures from our visits.

Die Ferien waren eigentlich zu kurz, aber ich habe es geschafft, die Sommerkleider der Kinder wegzupacken und die Herbst-/Winterkleider rauszuholen.  Gerade noch rechtzeitig, da es jetzt wirklich kalt und regnerisch geworden ist.  Es sieht wie November aus (und eigentlich ist es ja schon fast November, wenn man so darüber nachdenkt).  Wir waren auch bei dem alljährlichen Kunsthandwerkwochenende, wo man im ganzen Landkreis bei Kunsthandwerkern reinschnuppern kann und so sehen kann, was sie alle machen und wie sie arbeiten.  Hier nun ein paar Fotos.


 Her lovely products
Ihre hübsche Ware

 Outside of her house: a toad house and a bunny rabbit
Draußen vor der Tür: ein Krötenhaus und ein Häschen

 See, what I mean!
Das meine ich, wenn ich vom Wetter rede!

 A bit of color left
Noch ein kleiner Farbklecks

 Driving through the county
Fahrt durch den Landkreis

 Sunday was a better day to visit artists.
Am Sonntag war das Wetter zum Künstlerbesuch dann doch besser.

 Old library
Alte Bücherei

 Visiting a print maker's shop
Ein Druckereibesuch

Old printing press, still in use 
Alte Druckerpresse, noch in Benutzung


 The printer at her work
Die Druckerin bei der Arbeit

Another pottery shop
Noch eine Töpferei


  1. Welche schöne Gelegenheit? Konntet ihr noch andere Handwerker/Künstler besuchen?

    1. Nein, dieses Jahr haben wir nur die gezeigten Künstler besucht. Die Kinder haben fast jeden Samstagmorgen Nußknackerproben und Sonntagmorgen ist immer Kirche. So hatten wir nur die zwei Nachmittage und da die meisten Künstler über eine Stunde weg sind (der Landkreis ist sehr groß), kann man dann nicht mehr so viel tun. Vielleicht nächstes Jahr!

  2. Wow, das sieht nach einer schönen Zeit für die Kinder aus. Am Töpfern sind meine auch sehr interssiert. Und das schöne Herbstsonnenbild! Liebe Grüße!

    1. Die erste Töpferin hat alles ganz lieb erklärt. Flora hat gleich zu Hause eine eigene Töpferwerkstatt aufgebaut (mit Knete) und verkauft :). Es hat einen großen Eindruck auf sie gemacht. Liebe Grüße zurück nach England.

  3. Artisan's weekend looks like a lot of fun.

    I can't believe your trees are bare already! We are really only getting started . . It has gotten quite cold these past few days. I think Chanda and I will go to my sister's for Halloween. We like to see the trees. It'll be near the end there . . They're a few weeks behind you I think . .

    Changing the clothes around can be quite a chore sometimes! Especially when one has to sort and figure out what one needs and what the other doesn't need. Chanda is wearing a jacket we had in the to go pile, but when the days got colder we realized she doesn't have anything to replace it so she's wearing it again. The sleeves are quite short!

    1. It is strange that we are so different when it comes to the leaves. I had hoped to make some leaf crafts, but I cannot find pretty leaves anymore. They came down too quickly this year. I hope you will get to go and see your sister (and parents?) for Halloween. And I do hope the leaves will still be on the trees.

      Yes, this clothes business is very exhausting, especially because we don't have any room for all those clothes! It is also always very dusty and I have to sneeze a lot. Good you did not get rid of that jacket. Jonathan has pants that are way too short, but we have not been able to find him cheap new ones so far, except one pair. How come they grow so quickly? I should not complain, but for the first time in his life, Jonathan is wearing the size that corresponds to his age (16/18). He used to be two sizes behind.

  4. Looks like you had a great weekend. The weather has turned quite chilly here too. The kids are sorted for winter clothing it is just me that needs to buy some long sleeved shirts and sweaters.

    I am glad that your break went well. I did leave a comment on that post but cyber space are it!!

    We are stopping with Kathryn next week as it is half term break here and we are having some plumbing work done and need to be out of the house.

    Love to you all

    San and co xx

    1. I could also use some warm tops, but by the time the older children have gotten new things, there is not really money left for the adults. So I guess I will have to make do with what I have :):

      Sorry about the comment disappearing. This has happened twice now, I think. Kind of strange.

      I hope the plumbing project is not too complicated. Will they shut the water off?

      Sending you a big hug!


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