Sunday, September 21, 2014


All five children auditioned for the Nutcracker on Saturday.  We will find out next week if they get a role or not.

Alle fünf Kinder haben für den Nußknacker vorgetanzt.  Nächste Woche finden sie heraus, ob sie eine Rolle oder nicht bekommen.

 On the way to the studio.
Auf dem Weg zum Tanzstudio.

Waiting for her turn and reading a book by Eva Ibbotson, A Company of Swans.  Do you recognize the skirt, Dorina? 
Warten darauf, daß sie dran ist.  Dabei kann man gut lesen.  Hier liest sie ein Buch von Eva Ibbotson, das auf Deutsch Ein Hauch von Jasmin heißt.     

 On the way back: Still dreaming of the Nutcracker?
Auf dem Rückweg: Träumt sie immer noch vom Nußknacker?

 Flowers on the way back
Blumen auf dem Rückweg

And of course, Julius walked down the hill with us and was waiting for us when we came back.
Und natürlich hat uns Julius den Berg runter begleitet.  Er hat auf uns gewartet und ist dann wieder mit uns zurückgegangen.  

While we were busy cleaning (Saturday chores) and dancing, Peter was watching trains in Kansas City.

Während wir hier geputzt (Samstagsaufgaben) und getanzt haben, hat sich Peter Züge in Kansas City angeschaut.  

And whenever this got too boring, he spent time with Peter von Matt and many other experts on Swiss literature.

Und wenn das dann zu langweilig wurde, hat er sich ganz Peter von Matt und anderen Experten der Schweizer Literatur gewidmet.

 Visiting Union Station with Peter von Matt
Besuch des alten Bahnhofs Union Station mit Peter von Matt

Today he is coming back!  Heute kommt er wieder!

What else?  We had a pot luck luncheon at church, I made green bean salad.  Tomorrow, I will give my first German exam for this semester.  Then we will go on a homeschool field trip with other families.  We will visit a local candle factory.  Afterwards, we hope to buy some shoes for Jonathan's confirmation.  Not much time for that, though, because we need to be back for ballet later that afternoon.  Tuesday is our first homeschool co-op for this school year.  I think there are some other events coming up this week, but I don't have my calendar here.  Wishing everybody a great week!

Und sonst?  Heute gab es Mittagessen in der Kirche.  Ich habe dafür einen Salat aus grünen Bohnen gemacht.  Morgen müssen meine Deutschstudenten ihre erste Klausur schreiben.  Danach gibt es einen Ausflug mit anderen Familien zu einer Kerzenfabrik.  Anschließend wollen wir für Jonathan noch Schuhe für seine Firmung kaufen.  Dafür bleibt jedoch nicht viel Zeit, weil wir zum Tanzen am späten Nachmittag wieder hier sein müssen.  Am Dienstag gibt es den ersten Coop Tag mit anderen Heimschülern in diesem Schuljahr.  Ich glaube, es stehen noch einige andere Dinge an, doch weiß ich ohne meinen Kalender nicht welche.  Der Kalender ist aber im Moment nicht hier beim Computer.  Allen eine gute Woche!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, they were very excited and are now enjoying the rehearsals.

  2. It's so hard to wait for the results of the auditions!!! Are certain members of the family antsy and impatient? I always was :)

    Chanda says it was one of her favorite skirts! We thought they would enjoy them. So funny that our girls enjoy the school uniform type clothes!

    Your trees are turning color! It's still rather warm here in the city, but the nights are cool. And it still gets rather humid, but we can feel that change is in the air.

    How nice to have Peter home!

    1. I think they were all kind of wondering how it went. I guess Miriam and Flora did not care so much. So nice to think that Chanda also liked that skirt. It had a becoming length. Some of those school uniform skirts are way too short and these girls only wear socks with them in the winter! I never understood how anybody could design such an outfit and not keep the girls warm.

      Yes, especially oak (!) and Sumac, but also the maple trees are starting. The heat goes on in the mornings because it gets quite cold. No humidity here. Flora says it smells like snow.

      Peter was home briefly, but is gone again. It was nice to see him for a day.

    2. See him for a day!! Too funny :) Oh my goodness . . these traveling family members of ours . . !

      You should hear me when the young girls go by in the winter in their school uniforms!!! And these girls don't have to wear the short skirts and socks! They can choose the pants! But no, so many choose the short skirts . . I'm so much more comfortable in pants. I just don't get it. They don't mind freezing!

      Wow. I can't believe you have the heat coming on already! It's so different from here.

    3. Yes, I think he was here for two nights and one whole day and a few hours of a second day. But we are doing Skype every day. Today we got to see the Czech Republic where he is giving a paper (which he still has to write). Yes, Morgana and Peter are in the same country (Peter will be back in Vienna on Sunday). Isn't that something!

      I don't understand why they don't ask the girls to wear warm tights. That used to be the standard for girls. I do not know why it went from tights to socks or stockings that are way too cold! We have these Asian girls attending the private Christian school next door. I have never seen so much lack of common sense when it comes to their clothing choices. The colder the winter, the shorter the skirts! Really strange.

      The nights get cold! The mornings are also cold, we need jackets and the girls have put on kerchiefs. It is still warm during most of the day, though.

  3. Ich drücke schon mal ganz fest die Daumen für den Nussknacker! Und wenn es doch nicht klappt, dann hoffe ich, ist die Enttäuschung nicht allzu groß...
    Auf jeden Fall ist es jetzt bestimmt spannend auf das Ergebnis zu warten.
    Euch allen eine gute Herbstwoche!

    1. Danke schön, es muß geklappt haben!

    2. Und auch Dir eine schöne Woche mit all den neuen Aufgaben.


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