Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Working Together/Zusammenarbeit

Too much to do right now.  So I thought I would just post some pictures of my children working together in their learning.

Ich habe im Moment zu viel zu tun.  Daher habe ich mir gedacht, ich zeige nur ein Fotos von meinen Kindern, wie sie zusammen lernen.  

 Helping Miriam to memorize the capitals of the states.
Flora hilft Miriam die Hauptstädte der amerikanischen Staaten auswendig zu lernen.  

 Veronika is reading a fairy tale in German to Flora.
Veronika liest Flora ein deutsches Märchen vor.

Doing memory work.
Auswendiglernen und Abfragen.

The sound quality is not the best because Charlotte is eating soup in the background and you keep hearing her spoon.
Die Tonqualität ist nicht die beste, weil Charlotte im Hintergrund Suppe löffelt.  


  1. Das sind wirklich schöne, brüder- und schwesterliche, Fotos. Ich beobachte auch immer gerne, wie unsere Kinder zusammen lernen.

  2. Ich finde das Video so lustig wegen der Geräusche des Löffelns! Passt irgendwie gut zum Unsinnigen Donnerstag. ;)
    Die Fotos sind alle sehr stimmungsvoll, einfach toll wie die Kinder sich gegenseitig beim Lernen unterstützen.

    1. Also, wie zur Weiberfastnacht? Den Ausdruck Unsinniger Donnerstag kenne ich nicht.

      Danke für die netten Worte, Sybille.

  3. Lovely pics especially the sunlight in the Flora and Veronika shot. Video link not working but I guess the other two commenters might have mentioned that also?

    Your birthday gift was posted this afternoon. Will be thinking of you this forthcoming week.

    San xx

    1. Thanks, San. It is working for me and the other people were able to watch it also.

      Now, I am getting exited! I will look for it in the mail.

  4. What a lovely homeschooling day :) Isn't it funny how the sounds are picked up like that on our movies? Julius was very content!

    1. I was too close to Charlotte when I was taking the video. She was next to me, Jonathan and Miriam in front of me, but farther away. I think the metal sound gets amplified by the camera. Julius loves to sit on people's laps. He is very confused right now because he cannot go into the living-room.

    2. Today was his first day back into it because we put the couch back into the room. He is sleeping on it right now.


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