Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today the students arrived.  For those of you who do not know what I mean by that: Peter is teaching the honors students of our college here in Vienna for Mayterm.  The airport is at the other end of Vienna and it took us about an hour to get there by public transportation.  Some of the luggage didn't arrive on time so Jonathan, Charlotte, Flora, and I stayed at the airport with another student to wait for the one who didn't have her luggage while Peter took the train back to the youth hostel with the other 16.  We managed to arrive with our two students about an hour later, just in time for those two to still eat lunch at the youth hostel.      Peter took them all on a short tour through Vienna in the afternoon, a tour we had already done with him yesterday.  Here are a few pictures from yestersday.

Heute sind die Studenten angekommen.  Für diejenigen meiner Leser, die nicht wissen, was ich damit meine, hier eine kurze Erläuterung: Peter unterrichtet ein Maisemester hier in Wien.  Dazu hat er 18 der besten Studenten unseres Colleges hier.  Wir mußten die Studenten beim Flughafen abholen, der eine Stunde von uns entfernt, im Süden von Wien, liegt.  Wir fanden die Studenten, aber einer Studentin fehlte ihr Gepäck.  So blieb ich mit zwei Studentinnen, Jonathan, Charlotte und Flora beim Flughafen, während Peter mit dem Rest die Jugendherberge per Zug erreichte.  Wir kamen dann eine Stunde später, gerade noch rechtzeitig, so daß die beiden Studentinnen noch Mittagessen essen konnten.  Am Nachmittag hat Peter den Studenten die Stadt ein wenig gezeigt, wir haben das schon gestern gemacht.  Hier noch einige Fotos von unserem Ausflug gestern.  

 On the tram/In der Straßenbahn

Going downtown/Auf dem Wege in die Innenstadt 




  1. I am currently in the emergency department of the hospital, dave admitted with chest pains, prayers would be much appreciated.

    love too you

    san xxx

  2. Oh no, I do hope that by now you are back home and everything has turned out to be harmless. Prayers to you and Dave. We'll light a candle for you in church on Sunday!

    Love and warm wishes to you!

  3. Thanks for the prayers, all results clear apart from raised inflammatory markers in the blood, so as a preventative measure he's on intravenous steroids for three days to try and control any further deterioration in the MS.

    They still don't know what happened late Friday night, but I am so pleased it wasn't his heart as he was exhibiting all signs of a heart attack!!

    Love to you

    San xxx

    1. We did light a candle for Dave. You must be so relieved to know that it's nothing serious! A heart attack would have been awful at his age (I guess at any age it would have been bad).


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