Saturday, July 7, 2012

Electrical "Project"/"Elektrizitätsprojekt"

Our ceiling fan has been running a lot for several days now because of the heat.  Tonight the fan thought it was even too hot for a fan and had a small electrical fire in it!  We had smoke in the bedroom and panic among the family.  I quickly called our neighbor, not the painter, but another one, and he came over even though it was already after 9:00 p.m.  He had all his tools with him, turned off the electricity (which also turned off the stove where I was baking a cake) and took the fan apart.  He explained everything he was doing to Jonathan and Charlotte (and me).  It turns out that the switch has melted and we will need a new switch.  So on Monday he will take Jonathan and Charlotte shopping for a new switch so they can learn about these things.  Don't we have awesome neighbors?

Unser Deckenventilator ist in den letzten Tagen oft gelaufen, da es hier so heiß ist.  Heute abend ist wohl auch ihm zu heiß geworden und es hat einen kleinen Brand darin gegeben.  Unser Schlafzimmer war mit Qualm gefüllt und es stank ziemlich stark.  Eine gewisse Panik brach aus, doch ich habe sofort unseren Nachbarn angerufen (nicht den Maler, sondern einen anderen), der trotz später Stunde rüberkam.  Er hatte all sein Werkzeug dabei, stellte den Strom aus (leider wurde dabei auch der Backofen ausgestellt, wo ich gerade einen Kuchen buk) und hat den Ventilator auseinandergenommen.  Dabei hat er alles genau für Jonathan und Charlotte erklärt.  Es stellte sich heraus, daß ein Schalter im Ventilator durchgeschmolzen war.  Wir brauchen also einen neuen Schalter.  Am Montag will unser Nachbar nun mit Jonathan und Charlotte einkaufen fahren, damit sie alles über diese Reparaturen lernen können.  Haben wir nicht tolle Nachbarn?

Other than that we had another hot day.  Jonathan finished the driveway rocks.
Sonst war es heute wieder sehr heiß.  Jonathan hat die Steine der Einfahrt fertig bekommen.  

Charlotte has her first peas.  By the way, she does a terrific job giving the small children a bath every Saturday night!

Bei Charlottes Beet wachsen die ersten Erbsen.  Übrigens ist sie mir eine ganz tolle Hilfe beim Samstagsbad der kleinen Mädchen! 

We have a pretty rose in our yard.  Eine wunderschöne Rose wächst in unserem Garten.  

Miriam made a sand pizza in our sandbox.  Miriam hat eine Sandpizza im Sandkasten gebacken.   


  1. Oh, je! Bei Euch ist es ohne mich nie langweilig. Danke an unseren Nachbar. Jonathan, die Steine sehen ganz toll aus. (Aber bei so einer Arbeit solltest Du Dir bitte Schuhe anziehen!) Charlottes Erbsen sehen auch gut aus. Und von Miriams Pizza kriege ich Hunger.

    1. Ja, ich habe bei mich bei ihm schon SOOO viel bedankt! Er hat aber auch Spaß daran gehabt und war immer von einer Kinderschar umgeben. Flora hat ihn besonders ins Herz geschlossen!

  2. Yes you do have awesome neighbours, thank God you are all OK.

    Hugs to you

    San and co xx

    1. Now we have a new fan and Jonathan has learned a lot about electricity! Perfect timing!

  3. oh my goodness! how scary! and yes, what a wonderful neighbor :) i hope your cake survived . . ? jonathan's driveway rock fence is magnificent!!! and charlotte's peas look delicious. how fun for her and the little ones to have bath time together. i remember so clearly babysitting in grad school for a little boy and girl. while their mother did household chores, i would sit by them on the floor of the bathroom while they were in the tub. it was a cozy time while they played and we talked and laughed and washed. i had less patience sitting on the floor with my girls when they were little . . only because i had so much on my mind of what needed to be done. i needed a nighttime mother's helper like i was! i was there at night because i lived in her garage which had been turned into an apartment. it was a nice arrangement.

    1. Yes, the cake survived, just was a little sunken in in the middle! Our neighbor is a great guy and so patient! I'll pass your kind words on to Jonathan. He did do a good job. The mother you helped was a lucky lady! I guess it is always easier to be more patient with somebody else's children because you only have them for a certain amount of time! Now I'm curious, what did you study in grad school?


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