Sunday, February 27, 2011

Animals on Sunday/Tiere am Sonntag

Our cat Julius likes to go onto the roof when we are not at home and he is outside.  Today, after coming back from church, he was waiting for us there. 

The Angel and the DonkeyOur religious picture book of the day was The Angel and the Donkey, the story of Balaam and his donkey from the Old Testament. 

Unser Kater Julius wartet gerne auf dem Dach, wenn wir nicht zu Hause sind und er sich gerade draußen aufhält.  Heute begrüßte er uns von oben, als wir aus der Kirche zurückkamen.  Unser religiöses Bilderbuch heute war The Angel and the Donkey, die Geschichte über Balaam und seinen Esel aus dem Alten Testament.   


  1. Da hat Julius sicher einen guten Ausblick auf eventuelle Vögel :)

  2. Wenn er auf dem Dach ist, schaut er nicht so oft nach Vögeln aus, daß tut er mehr, wenn er unter der Terasse sitzt, direkt unter dem Futterhäuschen. Er hat auf dem Dach eine Stelle gefunden, wo er geschützt schlafen kann. Dort hält er sich meistens auf und kommt dann heraus, wenn er runterkommen will.

  3. hello eva, i love this picture of julius! was he able to get down again?

  4. p.s. i was also trying to find your link to the pages/program that helps you plan your year, months and weeks . . ? i didn't see it under your planning link . . could you direct me to this again? thanks for your help.

  5. You know he's always up there when we are gone and he can't get into the house. He has found a way to reach the crawl space and sleeps there. In the summer he likes to be outside all night long and goes up there in the early morning to take a nap. When he was little he was very good at getting up and down again, but then he forgot how to get down and we had to get a ladder or chair to get him down, even in the snow. Now he knows how to do it again. Cats are very mysterious sometimes . . .

  6. I couldn't get the links to work on my blog anymore, but here is the one I use for my weekly planning for all subjects, but main lessons:

    Edwardian Planner. I fill it in every evening so the children know what they have to do independently.

    The other one I use for my main lesson planning is this one here. I fill this one in on Saturdays.

    I also have one I use at the beginning of the school year to write out all the blocks I want to teach. Were you also looking for that one?

  7. thanks for the links, eva. yes, i was also looking for the one that helps you plan out all the blocks.

    julius is an interesting cat! he reminds me a lot of xena. xena has this "thing" for pens and pencils and knitting needles. she'll climb onto dressers and desks and shelves for them, bring them down and just lay them by her on the bed. funny!

  8. That is hilarious, Dorina! A very neat cat, I have to say. Maybe the two should meet . . . I have to find the link to the other form, haven't used it in a while because I only use it at the beginning of my school year planning. I hope to find it soon.


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