Curriculum Plans 2019-2020

Grade 4:


  • Local Geography and History (New York State): 3 weeks -- September
  • Arithmetic (Fractions): 3 weeks -- October
  • Zoology: 3 weeks -- November
  • Norse Mythology: 3 weeks -- January
  • Language Arts (Grammar): 3 weeks -- February
  • Arithmetic (Fractions): 3 weeks -- March
  • Norse Mythology (Kalevala): 3 weeks -- April
  • Zoology: 3 weeks -- May
  • Language Arts: 3 weeks -- June
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Skills: (90 minutes per week, ca. 20 minutes daily)
Faith and Freedom Readers (1 story daily)
Daily Reading Practice 4 (Comprehension) (1 exercise daily)
Toe by Toe (Phonics) (daily)
Explode the Code 7, Explode the Code 8  (Phonics) (2 pages daily)

Literature: (90 minutes per week, ca. 20 minutes daily, also read-alouds)
American Cardinal Readers
Happy Little Family
Schoolhouse in the Woods
Up and Down the River
Schoolroom in the Parlor
Box Car Children #1
Wilbur and Orville Wright
The Tale of Anabelle Hedgehog
Benjamin Franklin: Young Printer
Sign of the Beaver
Live Education!: The Norse Myths
Shakespeare Stories II: Comedy of Errors
Random House Book of Shakespeare Stories: Midsummer Night's Dream
William Shakespeare
Shakespeare's London
Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Rip Van Winkle

English Language:  (90 minutes per week, ca. 20 minutes daily)
Lepanto Grammar Workbook 4  (3 times per week)
Lepanto Grammar 4  (3 times per week)
Learning Language Arts Through Literature: Orange Book  (daily)
First Language Lessons 3 Instructor Guide  (3 times per week)
First Language Lessons 3 Student Workbook
The Little Grammar People  (main lesson)
Live Education!: Teaching Grammar with Imagination

Spelling: (60 minutes per week, ca. 10 minutes daily)
Natural Speller
SpellingYouSee B
Hornet Literacy Primer
Sequential Spelling 1

Copywork for Girls  (10 minutes daily)
Lepanto Grammar 4
Learning Language Arts Through Literature: Orange Book

Poetry: Memorize poems and study one poet (choice: Robert Frost)
First Language Lessons 3 Instructor Guide
First Language Lessons 3 Student Workbook
Learning Language Arts Through Literature: Orange Book
Poetry for Young People: Robert Frost
Papa Is a Poet
Robert Frost: America's Poet

Visual Arts/Practical Arts:  (Picture study weekly: 6 artists this year; art twice weekly)
Drawing Textbook
Painting and Drawing in Waldorf Schools
Learning About the World Through Modeling
Modeling Clay Animals
Child-Size Masterpieces
The World's Greatest Artists
Hudson River School Paintings
Cross stitch and other stitches
Grandmother's Hope Chest: The Running Rooster
Live Education!: Drawing Simple Animal Forms
Start with Art: Animals
Art Fraud Detective
Study John James Audubon, Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, van Gogh, Picasso, and Renoir
Home Economics for Home Schoolers Level 2

Religion:  (daily)
Morning devotion: Morning offering, saint book
Child's Bible History
Living for God
We Follow Jesus
My Path to Heaven (Lent)
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Little Thérèse
Saint Kateri Tekakwitha
Stories of the Child Jesus from Many Lands (Advent)
Sunday Morning Storyland (Sundays)

Mathematics:  (40 minutes daily)
Primary Mathematics and/or MCP Math
Jamie York Press
Math Songs
Math Picture Books (once per week)
Miquon Math
Live Education!: Imaginative Math and Fractions
Math Mammoth Multiplication 1
Math Wizardry for Kids

Geography:  (twice weekly( 
Maps, Charts, and Graphs D (States and Regions)
Live Education!: Local Geography and History

U.S. History: (twice weekly)
My First Book About New York State
Indians, Settlers, and Pioneers
Indian Captive
Live Education!: Local Geography and History
Living history books about NYS

World History: (twice weekly)
Child's History of the World
The Boy with the Bronze Axe

Science:  (twice weekly, nature walk once weekly)  
Complete Book of Animals

Science and Living in God's World 4 and Workbook
Usborne Complete First Book of Nature
Live Education!: The World of Animals
Live Education!: Human and Animal
Biber, Buntspecht und Delphine
Human Being and the Animal World
President Adams' Alligator
One Day in the Woods
Trees, Leaves, and Bark
Crinkleroot's Guide to Knowing the Trees

Health:  (weekly)
The Child's Day
Science and Living in God's World 4
365 Manners Kids Should Know

Music:  (Art and Music: up to 4 hours per week) (Learn about 12 new songs, including 6 hymns)  (weekly)
Violin lessons (practice daily)
Recorder: Spelemann, fang an, Easy Duets for Catholics  (practice daily)
Songs for God and Country
Let's Learn Music 2
Lester Family Music: Rounds, Canons, and Harmonies
Music Through the Grades
Ready to Use Music Reading Activities Kit
Study 6 composers:
Music Masters: Story of Bach, Story of Mozart, Story of Chopin, Story of Strauss, Story of Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky
Composer Playing Cards
Bach's Fight for Freedom
Becoming Bach
Sebastian Bach, Boy from Thuringia
Mozart Wonder Boy
Adoremus Hymnal

Physical Education:
Family Time Fitness
Local classes

Foreign Languages: (4 hours per week)

Lies mal 4: Das Heft mit dem Kraken
Lies mal 5: Das Heft mit dem Erdmännchen
Lies mal 6: Das Heft mit dem Löwen
Lies mal 7: Das Heft mit der Eule
Schreiben zu Bildern
Flüssig lesen lernen 4
Der rote Gockel
Deutsch als Zweitsprache
Künstlerisches Sprechen im Schulalter
Das 10-Minuten-Rechtschreibtraining
Das Schreibschrifttraining
Die Schildbürger
Till Eulenspiegel
Der deutschen Kinder wundersame Deutschlandreise

Skoldo  French Book 1
Pas à Pas
Skill Builders: French I
Learnables 3

Latin's Not So Tough 2
Minimus: Starting out in Latin
Tree Identification:
Match a Leaf
Tree Detectives
Take a Tree Walk
Trees, Leaves, and Bark

Grade 8:


New York State History/Civics/Geography:
New York State Dailies
New York State in Story Part 1 and 2 by Jeanne Meador Schwarz
Our Federal Constitution, Our New York Constitution
The Presidents Sticker Book

American History:
Our Pioneers and Patriots
Early American and World History for Junior High

Math-U-See Algebra

Living for Holiness (Test answer key)
Story of the Church (Circle time)

Voyages in English 8 plus Workbook
The Sentence Sounds a Melody
Traditional Speller 8
Wordly Wise 5

Spring Tide
Crossbows and Crucifixes
The Hedge School
A Tale of the Wars of the Roses
Faith and Freedom Grade 8
Daily Reading Practice Grade 8
Wish Wonder Surprise

All the World's a Stage
The Young Person's Guide to Shakespeare
Bard of Avon
The Taming of the Shrew
Shakespeare in Three Steps
Complete Arkangel Shakespeare

Linguistic Development Through Poetry
Poetry for Young People: Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Science and Living in God's World 8 (plus Quiz Booklet)
Journaling a Year in Nature or nature journal
Handbook of Nature Study
Live Education: Chemistry
Live Education: Physics II
Live Education: Astronomy
Geology and Astronomy
The Audubon Book of True Nature Stories
The Story of Madame Curie
Beloved Botanist: The Story of Carl Linnaeus
Pasteur and the Invisible Giants

With Love, Ann Marie: Letters for Growing Up
Beautiful Girlhood
Concepts and Challenges in Life Science
Muscles and Bones
New Christian Charm Course

Maps, Charts, and Graphs H
Visits to Asia
Buschmann, Buddha, Tuareg
Where in the World (game)
Flucht nach Hause
Die Elbe von oben (free on YouTube)

Ecce Romani

Basic Greek in 30 Minutes a Day

French Essentials Book 2
French Basic Structures 2

Flucht nach Hause
Wilhelm Tell (Friedrich Schiller)
Bergkristall (Adalbert Stifter)
Schimmelreiter (Theodor Storm)
Kleider machen Leute (Gottfried Keller)
Deutsches Lesebuch 3

Drawing Textbook
Learning About the World Through Modeling
Painting and Drawing in Waldorf Schools
Young People's Story of Art

Meet the Great Composers 1 and 2
Ballads of American History
How to Read Music

Mavis Beacon

Practical Arts:
Stitches and Pins
Experiences in Homemaking (Units 1-3)
Little Women Hospitality Program
Carving for Kids

Library Skills:
Complete Library Skills

Physical Education:
Local classes
Toning for Teens

Grade 11:


  • Ancient History
  • Meteorology 

Traditional Catholic Speller 11
The World of Shakespeare
Writing with Skill: Wk 13 and up (total of 24 weeks)
Wordly Wise 7 and 8
On Writing Well? or Elegant Essay or Wordsmith Craftsman
Linguistic Development Through Poetry
Center for Lit: World Literature
How to Read a Book
Correct Writing (Ch. 21-41; Punctuation)

Algebra 1 and 2 Saxon Math with MFW lesson plans, we use the Art Reed dvds
CalcuLadder 2
Geometry with MFW lesson plans

Apologia Biology with CD
Natural Science MODG
Meteorology either from Apologia Physical Science or from Earth Science MODG
Home Ecology classes

Christ and the Americas
Medieval European History
Ancient History

Physical Education:
Modern Dance, Pilates, Ballet

Local art classes, Art Through Faith, Sister Wendy BBC

French in Action

Weiter geht's!, Sprachbar, Die Tagespost, Parzival, Wir Deutschen, Minna von Barnhelm, Der Diktat-Trainer

Henle Latin, Magistra Jones

Elementary Greek 2, Elementary Greek 3

Home Economics:
Little Women Hospitality Program, Experiences in Homemaking

The Ark and the Dove, The Sacrament of Confirmation for Confirmation Candidates, Confirmation: Spreading and Defending the Faith, The Catholic Girl's Guide, Understanding the Scriptures

Needle felting,

Circle/Family Work: 
Prayer: Prayers for Everyday (daily)
Saints: Character Calendar or Saints for Young Readers Vol. 1 and 2 (daily)
Memory Work: Classically Catholic Memory: Religion, Latin, History, Science, Math, Timeline, Geography, and Great Words (daily)
Scripture Memory (daily), also included in Classically Catholic Memory
Hymns: Hymn Study: Use Adoremus Hymnal (2 x weekly)
Songs: Folk Song Study: (3 x weekly)
Religion: Story of the Church
Poetry: Linguistic Development Through PoetryGedichte zum AuswendiglernenGedichte für KinderKünstlerisches Sprechen im SchulalterGedichte und Balladen (daily)
Nature Study: The Kids Nature Book (daily)
Picture Study: (1 x weekly): John James Audubon, Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Pierre Auguste Renoir
Composer Study: (1 x weekly): Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky
Presidents/Civics: Yo, Millard Fillmore!Jumpstarters for The U.S. ConstitutionThe U.S. Constitution and You, The Voice of the PeopleA More Perfect Union
Philosophy: Big Ideas for Curious Minds
Virtues: The Family Virtues Guide, Virtues in Practice, Virtue picture books
Sprüche und Lautspiele für Kinder
Calendar of the Soul, In the Light of a Child (daily)
Deutsch: Deutsch: Ein Abenteuer, Goethe ist gut
French: Grundwortschatz Französisch für Einsteiger mit Lernbox (leider vergriffen)
Latin: Grundwortschatz Latein in Lernbox von AOL (leider vergriffen)
Morning Verses: Lower grades, upper grades (daily)

Manners for Mealtimes (daily at lunch)
365 Manners (daily, after lunch)
Picture Book: Children's Booklist (daily, after lunch)
Literature: Longer books (daily, after supper): Momo, Daddy-Long-Legs,
Nature walks

Wildlife of North America Card Game
Das Wissensduell: Der menschliche Körper
Borderline Card Game

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