Curriculum Plans 2020/2021

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Grade 5:

Live Education! 5th Grade Curriculum
Waldorf-Ideen Pool Übersicht
Sophia Institute Grade 5

Main Lessons:

September: BotanyLive Ed!: Botany; Math: MCP Math, Level D: Fractions: Ch. 13: 13.1 - 13.10, Ch. 14  (3 weeks)

October: History: Ancient India: Live Ed!

November: Geography USA: My World of NeighborsWaldorf North America MapIdeas for this blockWee Folk Art State Studies (see below)

December: History: Ancient Persia/Mesopotamia:  Live Ed!: Persia, Live Ed!: Ancient Mesopotamia 

January: Math: GeometryLive Ed!: Geometry and Number; Language Arts: Dorothy Harrer: An English Manual: Active and Passive; Active/Passive Voice Board GameActive/Passive Voice worksheets

February: Geography: USA: My World of NeighborsWaldorf North America MapIdeas for this blockWee Folk Art State Studies (see below)

March: History: Ancient Egypt: Live Ed!: Ancient Egypt; Read-Aloud: The Golden Goblet 

April: Botany: Live Ed!: Botany

May: Geometry: Live Ed!: Geometry and Number; Language Arts: Dorothy Harrer: An English Manual: Parts of Speech; Solve It: Parts of Speech GameHumpties 

June: Zoology: Insects, Birds, Arachnids/Myriapods/Earthworms, Reptiles: Build a main lesson with the following: God's Marvelous Works Book OneMoschus Buntspecht und DelphineConsidering God's CreationFish, Amphibians and ReptilesStudying InsectsSeaside and Wayside Book 2 (3)Seaside and Wayside Book 1Animal Life

July: History: Ancient GreeceLive Ed! Greek MythologyIdeas for this blockMore ideas; Read-Aloud: Children's Homer  (Padraic Colum) 

First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained-Mind Level 4 (Workbook and Instructor Guide)
Finish Voyages in English 4
Finish Sequential Spelling 1
Sequential Spelling 2
Explode the Code 8
Spectrum Word Study Grade 5  (First finish Grade 4 book.)
Dorothy Harrer: An English Manual
Copywork for Little Girls
Spencerian Penmanship
Illustrated Grammar and Punctuation
The Winged Watchman (van Stockum) (10 weeks), The Story of the Treasure Seekers (Nesbit) with Comprehension Guide (13 weeks), Then There Were Five (Enright) (14 weeks); Sandwich Book Reports

1,2,3 Maths
Miquon Math (We are doing Green right now, continue with Purple and Yellow once a week.)
RightStart Math D
Teaching Textbook 5
MCP Math D (as needed)
Jamie York 4th Grade Flash Cards
Jamie York Source Book
Dorothy Harrer: Math Lessons
Key to Decimals (if needed)

Maps, Charts, and Graphs E
My World of Neighbors (only part about U.S.)
States and Capitals Flashcards
Simply Stated (by Katie Campbell and Sidney Douglass, out of print) (living literature for each state)
Wee Folk Art State Studies Part 1 and Part 2
My America: A Poetry Atlas of the United States

The Vine and the Branches  (Our Holy Faith Series) use this book as reference
Credo: I Believe.  Faith and Life Series
St. Rose of Lima (independent reading)
Saint Brigid and the Cows (independent reading)
Elisabeth (read together)
Lost in Peter's Tomb (read-aloud)
The Life of Our Lord  (Charles Dickens)  (read-aloud)
Mit Kinder beten (Devotional)

Continue Skoldo French 1 after L'art de lire
Start L'art de lire
French Phonogram Cards, French Phonics: Pas à Pas

Let's Learn Music Book 3 (Hayes Publishing, seems to be out of print)
Recorder: Spelemann, fang an
Violin lessons
American folk songs: We Sing America, German songs (during circle time)
Opal Wheeler books and music downloads: Stephen Foster and His Little Dog Tray, Audio; Ludwig Beethoven, AudioPaganini, Audio (during circle time)\
Thomas Tapper audio BeethovenChild's Own Book Beethoven

American History:
How Our Nation Began, newer edition: Hillside
Extra books, if interested:
Leif the Lucky (D'Aulaire)
Pocahontas (D'Aulaire)
Skippack School (De Angeli)  (finished already)
Jared's Island (De Angeli)
Puritan Twins (Perkins)
Ben Franklin (D'Aulaire)
George Washington (D'Aulaire)
And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? (Fritz)
Ben and Me (Lawson)  Ben and Me Interactive

Picture Study Portfolios
Child-sized Masterpieces: Continue with Grey
Study 3-4 artistsJackson Pollock, O'Keeffe, Paul Klee, Degas, library books
Mike Venezia art books
Anholt's Artists
Painting and Drawing in Waldorf Schools

Finish cross stitch project

Greek Alphabet:

Test Prep.:

Home Economics: 

Physical Education: Ballet III

Grade 9:

Links to materials for main lesson blocks and year-long subjects: My high school page

September: Revolutions: Live Education!: Revolutionaries and Romantics, Kovacs: The Age of Revolution: Ch. 17-34, Film: Heinrich von Kleist, Das Erbeben in ChiliGoethe Film
October: Physics: Thermodynamics: DVD: Physics 101: Disc A: 1; Disc B: 7, 8, 9; TOPS Heat: 20 topics, Tiner: The World of Physics: Ch. 6
November: English: Short Story: Live Education!: Short Story"Traditions in the Short Story": America Reads: Traditions in Literature, Common Sense Press: The Gold Book: American Literature, Center for Lit: Teaching the Classics, Teaching the Classics Syllabus
November/December: Organic Chemistry: Basement Workshop: Carbon Chemistry: 11 chapters 
January: Tragedy/Comedy: Eugene Schwartz1 Tragedy: "Antigone"; Memoria Press: Three Theban PlaysThe Great Courses: Greek Tragedy: 1-4, 12, Antigone BBC, Test; 1 Comedy: "As You Like It", CD, Movie, Test1 Modern Play: "Our Town" in America Reads: Traditions in LiteratureOur Town movie, Theory: America Reads: Traditions in Literature: "Modern Drama;" "Introduction to Drama": Anthology (out of print): Adventures in Appreciation (Cardinal Newman Edition), Test
January/February: Anatomy/Physiology: Kovacs: Muscles and Bones: Ch. 17-48, DVD: Biology 101: Disc C: Mankind 1 and 2, Common Sense Press: Discovering the Human Body and Senses: 24 lessons
February/March: Art History: Sister Wendy's Story of Painting (10 episodes), Seton: Art Through Faith, Walch: Short Lessons in Art History: 27 artists, Short Lessons in Art History (Activities)  (4 weeks, then once weekly), The Story of Mankind: Chapter: "The Arts" van Loon
March/April: Geology: The Great Courses: The Nature of Earth: An Introduction to Geology: 36 lectures, Common Sense Press: Discovering Earth's Landforms and Surface Features4 weeks, continue during regular science time when doing Module 6 in Apologia Physical Science)
April/May: English: "The Novel": America Reads: Traditions in Literature: "The Pearl" (John Steinbeck), A Student's Guide to John SteinbeckThe Pearl Movie?;  Common Sense Press: The Gold Book: American LiteratureThe Old Man and the SeaA Student's Guide to Ernest HemingwayMovie The Old Man and the Sea (4 weeks)
May/June: Probability: The Great Courses: Mastering the Fundamentals of Math (Lectures 20, 21, 23), TOPS Probability: 28 ch., BBC: The Story of Maths 1 (YouTube)

Math: Math-U-See Geometry

English Grammar/Spelling: Correct Writing, Traditional Catholic Spelling 9, Wordly Wise 6, Analogies 2, English from the Roots Up, Morse Speller Dictation

English Literature: The Gold Book American Literature, Adventures in Reading: "Ballads Old and New," Child's Introduction to Poetry

World History: The Age of Revolution (Ch. 1-16)

Home Economics/Personal Development: Experiences in Homemaking, Von Tag zu Tag, Christian Charm Course

Art: Live Ed Charcoal Drawing, Drawing Textbook, Make a Masterpiece Charcoal and/or local art classes

Music: Alto-Recorder, Flute?;  How to Introduce Your Child to Classical Music in 52 Easy Lessons: Sections Four and Five, Music Flash Cards, Classic for Kids GamesAll About the Symphony Orchestra: ("The Suite"), DefinitionCantataBach Cantatas, Unit 46 in 52 Lessons, Definition; Oratorio: Unit 48, 49, 50 in 52 Lessons, DefinitionFugue: Unit 38 in 52 Easy Lessons, Definition; Canon: Canon in D, Johann Pachelbel and Unit 23 in 52 Easy Lessons, DefinitionAmong the Great Masters of MusicMusic of the Great Composers

Typing: Mavis Beacon

Geography: MODG World Geography, games, Journey to the Center of the Earth (Jules Verne, Study Guide)

Science: Apologia Physical Science, games

Logic: The Fallacy Detectives, Mind Benders 6

Latin: Ecce Romani 1 B

French: French Essentials III, Grammar Enhancement French Book 1

German: Continue Berufsreifeprüfung Deutsch, Literatur: Das Fräulein von Scuderi, Krabat, Materialen dazu und hier, Weimarer Klassik: Video, Freiarbeit zur Weimarer Klassik, Der Verbrecher aus verlorener Ehre (Schiller), Schiller für Kinder, Ich bin so guter Dinge: Goethe für Kinder, Deutsches Lesebuch 5  (Ausgabe 1957)

Greek: Basic Greek in 30 Minutes a Day, Daily Dose of Greek

American History: Finish: Beautiful Feet "Early American and World History," then switch to MODG American History (start with Week 25) and also use Live Education!: American History of the 19th Century

Physical Education: Ballet III

Grade 12: 

September: Biology: Zoology: TOPS Animal Survival, Biology 101 DVD
October: English: Transcendentalists: Transcendentalism Unit, Teaching Company
November: Economics: Hillsdale Economics 101, Whatever Happened to Penny Candy, Money Matters for Teens 
November/December: Optics: Physics 101 DVD, World of Physics, TOPS Light or Focus Pocus
January: Architecture: Great Courses: Understanding the World's Greatest Structures: Science and Innovation from Antiquity to Modernity; Paper Models: Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier French Riviera, Das Jahrhundert Le Corbusiers or Windmill
February: World History: 20th Century: Live Education!
March: Government: Constitution USA with Pete Segal, Workbook: Our Constitution, Your Citizenship 
April: Math: TOPS: Math Lab, BBC: Story of Maths 1-4 or here
June: Astronomy: MODG Earth Science Syllabus, Common Sense Press: The World of Space, The Universe Season 1, Brother Astronomer

Math: Saxon Algebra 2 with Homeschool Connections, MathHelp test prep

English: Advanced Communication SeriesEasy Grammar Ultimate Series 12, British Literature: The Gold Book, Study is Hard Work

History: Modern History: College class: "The Soviet Union and Beyond"

Religion: Understanding the Scriptures (Hahn), Jesus 2000/Jesus, Then and Now videos, Your Life in Christ, Teaching Resources, Augustine Day by Day, Woran sie glaubten, wofür sie lebten, Catholic Girl's Guide

Home Economics: Continue Experiences in Homemaking and sources listed under Grade 9

French: continue: French in Action: continue with chapter 8

German: Continue Parzival, Mittel? Alter! VideosDeutsche im Alltag-Alltagsdeutsch, Erkundungen C1, finish Draußen vor der Tür and watch this video, Faust, Unterrichtsmaterial, Vorlesung, Planet Wissen Goethe mit Film

Latin: Henle Latin: Continue with Unit 3: Lesson 12, Challenge A Latin BootcampWorkspace B

Art: Art Classes, Great Courses: History of European Art, CivilisationsCivilizations, How to Talk to Children About Modern Art

Music: Discovering Music online: Continue with Module 4

Greek: Elementary Greek Year 3

Physical Education: Ballet III

Economics: Continue main lesson work/materials

Government/Civics: Workbook: Our Constitution, Your Citizenship: 24 Units, A Noble Experiment (48 lessons),  Doing the Right Thing

Handwork: Make a maskcopper embossingmake a basket, finish started projects

Typing: Mavis Beacon

Health: MODG Health,  add own books (The Temperament God Gave You, Cook Right For Your Type, Nourishing Traditions for Children, Every Herb Bearing Seed)

Science: Finish Apologia Biology and MODG Natural Science

Logic/Thinking Skills: Thinking Toolbox

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